Eagle-eyed editor at our sister site Crushable, Liana Maeby, spotted this obnoxious bit of product naming. This plain linen/cotton blend blazer with a subtly nipped waist is called…

The Film School Blazer.

As for product description, Liana offers up the following:

The Film School Blazer’s perfect for those long nights in the editing room, what with its stain-resistant material that won’t get destroyed when you spill coffee on yourself for the 90th time or when your eyeballs literally begin to bleed. The shoulders are padded, so the Film School Blazer can be used as a pillow if you need to catch a few hours sleep on the sound studio floor before tomorrow’s call time. The pockets are deep and can fit a bag of C47s, a whole roll of grip tape, plus that extra sandwich (shhh). Additionally, the Film School Blazer makes you look like a total asshole, so there’s that.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’m petty enough not to buy an item because I’m turned off by its silly moniker. Nice when did a plain linen/cotton blend blazer need its own name, anyway?