blue ivy picture

We keep telling ourselves not to take fashion cues from toddlers, but that is a difficult rule to stick to when they all look so cute all the time.

Last night Beyonce posted a new Instagram picture of tiny baby Blue Ivy Carter, who is almost two, and Blue Ivy might have the cutest celebrity baby style of all. Not only is she tiny and adorable, with thick, curly hair, she was wearing a pair of jeggings with flowered Doc Martens and a custom studded leather jacket that says Miss Blue Carter across the back.

Blue Ivy has better style than we do, but that’s OK because she’s so cute we can’t stand it.

We don’t always love it when fashionista babies dress like mini adults, but this Blue Ivy outfit is perfectly kid-appropriate. There’s nothing as comfortable as leggings for running around and playing, and a pair of mini Docs is ideal playground footwear. (Er … we suppose. It is not like we went down a slide and played on swings recently at a kids’ park after all the kids were gone. No one saw us do that, and anyone who says he or she did is a fibber.)

Luckily, this look is not just for celebrity babies or deep-pocketed grown-ups. If you happen to want to duplicate this look for yourself or a tiny, adorable niece or nephew, it’s an extremely easy and not expensive DIY project. Studs like that can be purchased by the hundred for a couple dollars all over the Internet. (Try eBay, Amazon, or Studs and Spikes.) Then you just pop them through the jacket and bend the prongs in place with the back of a spoon. It’s a piece of cake, and you’ll be the coolest aunt ever.

The flowery Doc Martens are not the custom designer gear celebrity babies usually wear. They’re not cheap, but they’re readily available online in baby sizes and also in kids’ sizes.

Oh, who am I kidding? Clearly we want them in adult sizes as well.

Via Instagram/Beyonce