Prince George of Cambridge was recently declared the world’s most stylish baby, but clearly I was not consulted. I should have been consulted, because at this point I think I am genuinely an expert on celebrity babies. I am not sure how that happened or how I feel about it, but I don’t have enough time to ponder my life choices because OMG, babies!

Prince George is adorable in his fancy baby sweaters and has wonderful baby cheeks that I want to pinch even if it gets me thrown in the Tower of London. And North West dresses even better and is so cute even Anna Wintour cannot resist her long, baby eyelashes. But when it comes to most stylish, Blue Ivy Carter is a definite contender. Just look at Blue Ivy’s little gold dress and sparkly Easter shoes. She looks adorable in her bold, printed baby bathing suits, and she rocks a custom studded leather jacket and flowered Doc Martens better than any teenager alive. But the real sign that Blue Ivy is the most stylish baby is the fact that she is already stealing Beyoncé‘s shoes.


OMG, too cute. I can’t even. Look at her tiny little feet in those great big shoes! Now I want all the babies, and I’m not even that concerned that they will scuff up all my fancy shoes.

Blue Ivy even knows to throw off her shoes once she’s tired of them, and just run around barefoot. Between Emma Thompson and Jennifer Lawrence, she’s in good company.


I love the way Beyoncé and Jay-Z dress Blue Ivy. She always looks so cute, but her clothes are also clearly weather-appropriate play clothes for a tiny child who has things to do. Blue can toddle around the tennis court in her little orange dress, or play in the grass, and if she gets it dirty it can just go in the wash. She never looks like she’s been dressed up for picture day or a Lanvin shoot, she just looks like the most adorable kid in the world in a happy little dress.

If these pictures have not already made you want all the babies, Blue is also apparently very snuggly when she’s not taking care of the tennis courts.


So snuggly! She’s just the cutest little girl.