When Winter’s Bone star Jennifer Lawrence took to the red carpet at last night’s Academy Awards ceremony, a lot of heads turned. Not just because she dramatically pulled off the “disadvantaged, gravely precocious meth kid” rubber mask she’d been wearing to reveal she was crazy hot, but also because her Calvin Klein dress looked familiar. As in, just like Scarlett Johansson’s Golden Globe dress (that of the infamous boob squeezing incident).

So, the dress was a similar look, color and fit. And in both cases, it was shrinkwrapped around a curvaceous blonde with flowing waves, pale skin and dewey make-up.

While Scarlett went for a wine Dolce & Gabbana last night, and Jennifer Lawrence announced her hotness, we’re still stuck wondering who we thought looked better.

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(image of Jennifer Lawrence via Wenn, image of Scarlett thanks to the wondrous cornucopia of Google image search)