One of the best things about Internet shopping, aside from not having to leave one’s house, is avoiding pushy salespeople. But sometimes you find yourself in an awkward situation and can’t wait a day or two for a package to arrive, which makes Wacoal’s new bra-dispensing vending machine kind of genius for those days when one forgets to wear a bra or accidentally leaves one someplace during the night.

The new machine was installed at a Wacoal boutique in Shibuya to let women purchase candy-colored, wireless “Fun Fun Week” bras by just selecting a size and color and inserting their money.

The idea was to make it easier and faster for people to buy bras, but we’re not really sure what benefit the bra vending machine offers over, say, a shelf of bras arranged by size, style, and color. It does allow someone to get in and out of a store without ever having to talk to or interact with another human being, and we do appreciate that.

Japan is famous for its array of awesome and seemingly random vending machines, so the most surprising thing about this is that the streets of Tokyo are not already lined in bra-dispensing vending machines. But Wacoal seems to be the frontrunner in the vending machine bra race. Not all prospective customers were thrilled with the idea, though.

“An old man probably came up with this idea,” one Internet commenter said.

“Purchasing one without trying it on would be somewhat impossible,” another woman said. She’s got a point, but we’ve purchased enough Internet bras that we tend to take a pretty cavalier approach to that sort of thing. (Our bras are almost certainly the wrong size, but we don’t want to hear about it.)

Wacoal is an international brand, so this makes us wonder if the idea could be exported. Vending machine technology should really be applied more often in the US. These are some of our favorites:

1. Flat shoes There have been nights when we would have paid a thousand dollars for a pair of flats. Rollasole put some ballet flat vending machines in nightclubs, and the fact that they do not have a Nobel Prize for that is a crime.

2. Cupcake ATMs Sprinkles calls them ATMs, but they’re vending machines. They work 24 hours a day, so you can have a pink sprinkled treat whenever you deserve it, which is always.

3. Books Cigarettes are gross, but we love the old-timey vending machines they came in. Especially when they’re full of books.

4. Calvin Klein Underwear This vending machine is actually in the US, but boxer briefs area available from a glowing ATM at any hour, if one finds oneself suddenly commando.

5. Boob-Shaped Stress Relief  Perfect for putting in your Fun Fun Week bra.

6. Wine  Any time you can get wine 24 hours a day from a vending machine is excellent in our book.

7. Ties Apparently women aren’t the only ones forgetting their clothes on the way to work. In Japan, you can grab a vending machine tie for about $10.

8. Gold In some places you can actually buy bars of gold from a vending machine. This is suddenly making us feel like our pink cupcake is less delightful by comparison.

Via Racked/Image: Twitter/Wacoal_News