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Here’s the cutest bit of Bradley Cooper news since that time we found out that he wore pin curlers for his American Hustle role: the shameless hunk recently confessed an interesting secret about his tendency to free-ball.

Cooper went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about his experience meeting President Obama at the State Dinner, and the conversation turned, naturally, to his undergarments. He told Ellen,

So I’m prepping for a new movie and I’m trying to gain weight fast, so I’ve gained about fifteen pounds in four weeks and nothing fits me anymore– like these pants barely fit me. So I wore the tuxedo I wore to the Golden Globes. I just sort of threw it in the bag and brought it and went to Washington, DC. Then I’m getting dressed like ten minutes before I was supposed to go, and literally the pants go up to like here [gesturing to his thighs]. I just started laughing, actually. ‘This is hilarious, I’m going to meet the President.’ So I had to go commando number one ’cause there was no room at all. I did. I had to. They were crazy-town tight.

Oh my goodness. That’s the most adorable story I’ve ever heard about someone’s bare peen getting close to the President.

Of course, because of the nature of this site, I can’t help but point out that a female celebrity– especially someone who’s a sex symbol to the degree that Cooper is– could never get away with talking about a) how much weight she’s gained and b) whether or not she wears underwear. I could see Jennifer Lawrence making these same kinds of comments, since we all know how much she loves talking about camel toes and pee and underwear, and maybe other famous goofballs like Anna Kendrick or Aubrey Plaza could pull it off, but probably not. It sucks that we still have such uptight double standards that make Bradley’s story hilarious and an equivalent female story sexual… but I’m glad that BC shared this one with us today.

Keep being adorable, Coop. And maybe buy some bigger boxers.

Via Us Weekly / Photo: Getty