High school girls are the absolute worst, especially when their slutty dark bras show through their school-mandated sheer uniforms, right, nobody? Well, the Zhongshan Technical Secondary School in Guangdong has decided to take a stand against these heathens who insist on having breasts, and have instituted a ban on anything but flesh colored bras and underwear, according to Shaghaiist. Any bra that isn’t nude colored will result in an academic penalty, and the penalty is higher for patterned bras than just solidly colored slut bras.

Instead of mandating what type of underwear students are obliged to wear, how about providing opaque school uniforms? I went to a high school with uniforms, and if we went around with our bras outside of our clothes (it was an all-girls school, shit was weird), we were told to put our bras back on the normal way. This makes sense to me. The uniform involved a collared shirt, not a collared shirt with articulated breasts. But to say that our bras, under our shirts, were too garish would be insane.

Maybe there’s merit in trying to take dating and sex out of the classroom, and instead refocusing students towards their studies. But this is going way too far, and this gendered attempt to curb teen sexual appetites will be pretty futile. What’s the worst that can happen? A male person confirms what he likely already knew, that the teen girl he’s speaking to is, in fact, wearing a bra? Who the hell cares?

I suppose it’s easier if we just pretend that girls don’t need bras for their sexy breasts and then we can ignore the fact that these girls are turning into women and we won’t have to deal with icky sex talks or gross boobs.

Are you telling me boys are going to look at boobs less just because they’re in flesh colored bras? Or that colorful bras are what make ladies sex objects? We all know that’s not true. Women become sex objects because of their own poor choices. Duh.

Photo: Tumblr