Somehow, Lauren Conrad has infiltrated the fashion world as a fashion expert. Somehow. And now since she has a book, Lauren Conrad Style, that tells you how you can dress exactly like her, it’s only fitting she has a PSA to go along with it.

In her PSA, LC speaks out against “fashion fuck ups,” meaning jorts, skinny jeans for men and kitten heels. She explains that it is only okay for Suri Cruise to wear kitten heels as they are a useless shoe. Personally, I have nothing against kitten heels. I’m no fashion expert like LC, but I have a few very tall friends that feel more comfortable in kitten heels than in high heels or flats. And they look good in them too. Other than that, what she protests makes sense. And even though she is probably pissing a lot of hipsters off, she’s right about one thing: male jorts should have never been a trend. It actually sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable when I see a dude in jean cut-offs because he basically pantsless. Basically. However, her main message is that if you feel uncomfortable around poorly dressed friends it’s okay “to change your friends if it makes you look better.” Which is really a good point. Who wants to hang around friends who look like fashion fuck ups? Not me.

But the real story here is that Lauren Conrad’s “fashion fuck ups” PSA is featured on Ryan Seacrest’s website. After watching the video, it’s difficult to tell whether the PSA is a satire or if she’s actually serious. Since most of what she says is kind of true, let’s assume she’s being serious. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Seacrest wear skinny jeans? Or at least jeans that appear to be skinnier than most? The irony speaks for itself.