Well, we think he owns a suit. For all we know he could have borrowed this attire, but considering how much money he’s rolling in these days, it’s nice to assume that maybe he did actually purchase it and that maybe he’ll wear it again — at least once before he dies.

Although it was probably only for a few hours, Mark Zuckerberg was kind enough to dress up on his wedding day. After an insanely crazy week that included Zuckerberg turning 28, his company Facebook going public and his wealth soaring to $19 billion, he also decided it was time to finally wed his girlfriend of nine years, Priscilla Chan, in a surprise ceremony yesterday.

It was less than a year ago when GQ gave Zuckerberg the very prestigious title of “Worst Dressed Man in Silicon Valley,” with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates not far behind. Technically, you could ask: “Who fucking cares how the kid dresses? He has more money than god!” But one would think that with so much cash he just might want to invest in at least one proper suit just in case he has to show up to a no-hoodies allowed convention.

The suit, plain and probably not as tailored as it could have been, was witnessed by the less than 100 guests who had no idea they were showing up to a wedding that had actually been in the works for the past four or five months. Guests thought they were showing up to celebrate Chan’s graduation from medical school, but Zuckerberg pulled a fast one and before the evening was over, the couple were married. Guests enjoyed dinner from the couple’s favorite Palo Alto restaurants and for dessert they had Burdick Chocolate “mice,” which the two of them had on their first date. I had no idea a man in a hoodie could be so sentimental!

So take in that photo above because we all know what Zuckerberg put on the very second the ceremony was over. Hey, the guy’s a hoodie-loving man.