bridal buddy

I’ve obviously never been married before (#lol), but I’ve heard horror stories of women having to pee while wearing their elaborate gowns. It usually requires the help of at least three bridesmaids, it’s more than likely that someone will get peed on, and God forbid you have your period on your wedding day.

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Enter the Bridal Buddy. At first glance, it just seems like a garbage bag with armholes, but really, it’s so much more than that. Feast your eyes on this very informative video:


Yes, someone really did think that that cheesy voiceover and ’90s infomercial-esque acting would make for good marketing material. And yes, you probably are kicking yourself for not thinking of this first.

For all of its silliness (honestly, it looks exactly like those cheap plastic rain ponchos you buy at the drugstore when you’ve forgotten your umbrella and your dignity at home), it’s actually a pretty ingenious invention. All it takes is throwing on a thin slip underneath your wedding dress, and you’ve saved your probably already-frazzled and/or drunk bridesmaids from stuffing themselves into a bathroom stall with you to keep your Vera Wang safe. While I don’t know that I’d necessarily recommend adding another layer underneath more form-fitting dresses, gowns these days have so many layers of fabric on them that it’s pretty unlikely that a thin slip will show through. The Bridal Buddy comes in two lengths—petite (5’5″ and under) and tall (5’5″ and up)—and can be packed neatly away in its little pink bag for safe-keeping.

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Is it ridiculous? Completely. But I’ll take looking and feeling a little ridiculous over peeing all over thousands of dollars I’ll probably end up spending on my wedding gown any day. And honestly, I’ll probably end up wearing it under my maxi dresses to, because who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve magically turned into a fabric cloud when sitting on the toilet?

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