A 92-year-old woman is finally getting a chance to have a bridal gown—67 years after she was first married. Ruth Sullivan never had a wedding dress when she got married back in 1946, and now me and every single person who read this article on Kentucky.com is crying. Because this adorable old lady finally got to love out her bridal dream!

As part of the Second Wind Dreams organization (kind of like Make-A-Wish for senior citizens who are in hospice care), Ruth was whisked away a bridal boutique in Lexington, K.Y. to pick out the wedding dress she always wanted.

Apparently, Ruth is a huge fan of the TLC show Say Yes To The Dress, so we have that in common. I should invite Ruth over for some Cheez-its, ginger ale and a Say Yes To The Dress hangover marathon. She told Kentucky.com that, after becoming a fan of the show, she wanted to go and try on bridal dresses so much she thought she might have to arrange a trip herself.

The Second Wind Dreams organization surprised her, though, telling her she was heading to a doctor to get new eye drops. When she arrived at a David’s Bridal, she was able to try on three donated dresses. She picked a short-sleeve full-length gown and had pictures taken with her bridesmaids (two other elderly lady friends) and her flower girl, her 7-year-old granddaughter. Later, she got to travel—by limo—to a special wedding reception with family and friends. Her wedding dress search won’t be on Say Yes To The Dress, but a segment featuring her story will air on the Today show next week.

What makes this whole thing even more emotional? Her husband, Norm, died in 2004, so he wasn’t there to share in her joy. I am a huge sucker for anything involving wedding dresses or adorable older people, so I’m just sitting here with tears streaming down my face, smiling at my computer screen. Is it only me or did you just feel your heart grow three sizes?

Photo: Kondoros Éva Katalin/Getty Images