So, Carolina Herrera recently debuted more looks from her Spring 2013 bridal collection, and amongst the gowns and the glory was a surprise piece: a bridal pantsuit.

The model wearing the suit also sported a large straw hat, and held flowers that she looked equally likely to aggressively throw in someone’s face as to casually toss over her shoulder in maidenly glee.

So, the question is: how does everyone feel? What I like about this look is that it speaks to the woman of the world; the bride who isn’t part child on her wedding day but a grown-ass woman. I hate to put words in other writers’ mouths, but it does remind me of the wonderfulness that is a woman who knows what she wants after having dated for twenty years. In other words, it fits the modern-day, urban bridal sensibility of knowing who you are by the time you get married, and I definitely feel good about that.

[via HuffPo]