British fashion magazine Grazia wrote about a survey where men were asked which fashion trends they associate with “promiscuous women.” The top results:

  • “Body-con” dresses (a la the bandage dress, at right on LiLo): 57 percent
  • Cropped tops: 53 percent
  • Corset-style tops: 51 percent
  • Lace: 45 percent
  • “Underwear as outerwear”: 43 percent

Coming in dead last were “hipster jeans,” with just 19 percent.

I have to say… the one I find the most confusing on this list is “Lace.” All lace? Stuff made out of see-through lace, or your grandma’s antique dress with lace trim? Lacy underwear? Lace leggings? I am going to need something more specific to work with here, British dudes. Then again, you probably think I’m a slut anyway, so whatevs. Somebody get Man Repeller on the case.