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Picture the scene: it’s your birthday, and you’re allowed to ask for anything you want. Anything in the entire world. You’ll probably ask for some kind of appearance with Britney Spears, right? Well, that’s what Magazine did to celebrate it’s 100th issue because, obviously, Britney is the only way to celebrate any real milestone.

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Because when you go for Britney, you go big or go home, this double issue has three different covers, each fiercer than the last, all shot by fashion photographer legend Mario Testino. The first one shows Britney taking a quick and graceful nap on some gentleman’s knee (and yes, I did think that was just a furry pillow at first):

britney v mag 1

The second cover called for a quick outfit change, and one that’s vaguely reminiscent of her “Oops, I Did It Again” days, if only because I think of that music video whenever I see Britney wearing a leather bodysuit:

britney v mag 2

The last cover, while arguably my favorite at first glance, is probably the most problematic:

britney v mag 3

There is some VERY obvious Photoshop going on on Britney’s face here, and while she does look beautiful, I think we can all agree that that is not what she looks like IRL. Like, there is a clear difference between the Britney on this cover and the Britney on the former two. Come on, V. You know better than that.

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All of this ridiculous Photoshop business aside, this is a pretty exciting reunion for Britney and V. This is her second cover shoot for the publication—the first was in 1999 following the release of her first studio album—and the cover story is written by the same man who wrote her story almost 20 years ago. editor Stephen Gan wrote in his accompanying editor’s note,

“When looking for cover-worthy subjects for our 100th issue, we had to ask ourselves: Who do pop stars and musicians — who have become an integral part of what V represents — look up to and admire? There was only one answer: Britney….[W]ho in our world did not grow up listening to her music? Plus, she’s spent some time out of the ether, which makes her reappearance all the more fun and surprising. Mario Testino’s pictures say it all: she’s in great shape, and about to hit us with new music any day now.”

Three Britney Spears covers and the announcement of more new music? What a Tuesday!

All I can say is, if the covers have you intrigued, definitely take the time to read Britney’s cover story. She is just as majestic as she always has been, but, of course, why wouldn’t she be? She’s Britney…bitch.

The 100th issue of Magazine hits newsstands this Friday, March 4. 

(Photos: Magazine)