ilana glazer crop topIlana Glazer is a national treasure–of course she’s talented, a wonderful comedian and lovely presence on Comedy Central and in pop-culture, but this particular tip of the hat goes off to the crop tops she wears on Broad City. Her character on the show, Ilana Wexler is relatable, though in a amped up to be captivating enough for television sort of way. Like someone you could know IRL, she’s goofy, has a healthy attitude toward sex, is just a Jewess trying to make a buck and has a distinctive style that she knows how to work.

Broad City allows its characters to dress like actual human people, rather than having the costume department festoon them in preposterous get-ups no one would ever wear or high end garments the characters wouldn’t realistically be able to afford. Glazer’s TV steez involves a lot of color, layers, high waisted shorts, sweet hoodies and those crop tops.

Here are some classic Ilana Wexler crop top moments:

Two Jewesses trying to make a buck crop top-

broad city crop top

Thinking your friend has been involved in an SVU situation because she won’t answer her phone crop top-
broad city crop top Let’s peep a closer look at this adorable cropped floral blouse that ties up in the front. Love the boobs on the wall.
broad city crop top

About to make out with a hot weirdo graphic crop top-broad city crop top Looking for hotties on Facebook in that graphic crop top.
broad city crop top A closer look.
broad city crop top Pulling a cute face in a crop top. broad city crop top

Angry at some creeps in a crop top.broad city crop top Same lace crop top, just slightly earlier in the evening. broad city crop top

Click through for more crop top moments…

She paired the lace crop top with a cool genie braid and a mini skirt.broad city crop top A crop top you can wear while you shake ya damn ass to 90s hip hop.broad city crop top It was a bold look for daytime. broad city crop top

One of her many office crop tops. One coworker refers to this shirt as a napkin.

broad city crop top From the front, this crop top reveals an intricately strappy brassiere. broad city crop top Crop top at the vet with exposed men’s briefs.broad city crop top Getting called out by her boss on this particular crop top. broad city crop top If you pull it up, it shows underboob. broad city crop top If you pull it down, it reveals too much of that rad strappy bra! Where can I buy one of those?broad city crop top Maybe this one is a little short for the workplace. broad city crop top

And more…

Dancing in a lingerie inspired crop top. broad city crop top Sleepwear crop top. broad city crop top Not technically a crop top, but this tee tucked into shorts gives a similar silhouette. broad city crop top Cropped sweatshirt on the train. broad city crop top Wearing a cropped sweatshirt while trying to pull weed out of her pussy. broad city crop top

Getting too drunk and video chatting your best friend and sole mate in a crop top. 

broad city crop top It says “fuck this week.”
broad city crop top Hurricane crop top.
crop top 1 Perfect for doing whatever is necessary to help your friend. crop top 4

Ooh one last crop top from the season finale…

Fancy dinner crop top. crop top 6 Check out the back view. crop top 6.5 And a better view of the front while Ilana deals with her shellfish allergy. crop top 7

I can’t wait to see what crop tops she pulls out next season!

Photos are screenshots of Comedy Central content.