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Apparently, Brooke Shields’ dream in life wasn’t to win an Oscar or be the first female president: it was to design a fur coat. And now her dream has come true! The actress traveled to Denmark to design her very own fur coat under famed fur company Kopenhagen Fur. Kopenhagen’s studio manager Natia Linnemann awesomely said, “Brooke Shields will be proud to be an exponent of the beautiful Danish fur skins in the U.S.” Not to rag on people who speak English as a second language because it’s my second language too, but the idea of picturing Brooke Shields as an exponent is nothing short of awesome. I see her as more of an asymptote or a tangent, personally.

Here’s the quote they attributed to Brooke: “I will wear the fur garment when I follow my children to school, when I drink coffee and when I sleep.” Is she trying to get on the cover of Vogue? Because that is TOTALLY something Anna Wintour would say.