bruce-jennerThere has been a lot of discussion about Bruce Jenner‘s changing appearance and he has been constantly photographed and speculated about. Bruce’s big interview with Diane Sawyer is still a few days away. It will be the first time we actually hear from him about his life, and possibly find out whether or not he is transitioning. Just before Bruce speaks out, the New York Daily News has posted photos of Bruce Jenner wearing a dress on his private property.

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The tabloid has dubbed them a “world exclusive.” A picture appears on the front cover of the Wednesday edition and the Daily News website feature six photos of Bruce clad in a striped dress. Gossip Cop reported that the photos of Bruce were taken when he was on private property in Malibu. They also stated the police were called when Bruce realized the paparazzi were taking photos of him. It is against the law to take photos of people on private property using a telephoto lens.

This completely violates Bruce’s privacy in every way. It illegal and completely horrible for someone to be taking photos of Bruce while he is in a supposedly private place. This situation is even worse because they have taken away his opportunity to choose when and if he wanted to go public wearing women’s clothing. It should have been Bruce’s choice and no one else’s. It should have been up to him to decide what he was comfortable with, but instead it was splashed across the front of a newspaper.

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Bruce has been treated without respect numerous times in the past few months. He was photoshopped on a magazine cover wearing makeup on an actual actress’ body, he has been the punchline of numerous uncalled for jokes and his appearance has been discussed ad nauseam. Many people have come out to support Bruce after the photos of him wearing a dress were released, but when will everyone else leave him alone? No one deserves to be scrutinized so intensely or have their privacy violated and their choices revoked. It needs to stop. Now.

(Photo: Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images)