I just love Tom Ripley stories.

They’re like Jay Gatsby stories, but, you know, darker. And better dressed! Well, Gatsby was pretty well dressed with those shirts, but he was always tossing them around. Actions like that make you feel like he didn’t really respect them. Let’s not dwell on that, though. Rogue Magazine has a story up right now alleging that the popular fashion blogger and America’s Next Top Model judge Bryan Boy built his life around credit fraud and is really some kind of charlatan. Apparently he “got to where he is by blinding people with money – money that wasn’t his.” An insider says:

bryan boy credit fraud

And then Bryan Boy pushed Dickie out of the boat!

The Talented Mr Ripley Bryan Boy

I wish I could play blind. I bet it involves wearing very dark sunglasses with three friends and making mouse noises. My friends aren’t really that whimsical.

In any case, I guess what we got with this is that… Bryan Boy has a bunch of credit cards with different names on them. There are a lot of reasons that could be the case. He could just like to give different names to different credit card companies because he’s goddamn whimsical. Probably, more accurately, what we should take away from this is Bryan Boy is going to sue the hell out of Rogue Magazine in the very near future. Keep an eye out for that story! Don’t play blind! – via Get Off My Internets