BuddingSTEM Girls ClothingIf you walk into the kids’ department, you will definitely see a lot of frilly pink dresses, sparkles and princess-themed pieces. Those are fun, but what if your daughter is into science or dinosaurs? It would be difficult to find clothing that reflects those interests. That is why moms Jennifer Muhm and Malorie Catchpole decided to create a science-themed clothing line, buddingSTEM. The moms-slash-designers also launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund their clothing line so they can produce their clothes and start their online shop.

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Their Kickstarter campaign points out that we tell girls they can be anything, so why is it so hard to find clothing that reflects all of girls’ interests? buddingSTEM is described as “a complete line of girls’ clothing celebrating space, dinosaurs, and other things all kids love.” The clothing line features dresses, underwear and leggings with less typical designs such as spaceships and dinosaurs.

BuddingSTEM Girls Clothing T-Shirts

The clothing line also features pink. Jennifer and Malorie explained to BuzzFeed that they’re not against girly pieces, they just want to offer more options, “We want to make sure that people understand that we’re not anti-girly and we’re not anti-princess. We’re just saying that there’s more than that.”

buddingSTEM have already raised over $28,000 and had an original goal of $45,000. With 23 days to go in their campaign, it seems likely that they will reach it. While the money is going the help fund their online store and production, Jennifer and Malorie hope that their clothing line will eventually be sold in stores in outlets, like Target.

It’s great to see more and more options for little girls being offered. We’ve seen a few kids’ clothing lines look to broaden the range of clothes available for girls. Hopefully lines like buddingSTEM will become more and popular and we will see them in stores everywhere.

Check out buddingSTEM’s Kickstarter campaign to find out more.

(Photos: buddingSTEM/Kickstarter)