Samantha Escobar The Gloss ModCloth romper photo tattoo helpOnce upon a time, yours truly majored in Creative Writing at a small school in Orange County, California. I wish I could tell you I did it because I felt like writing was my calling, but in reality, I just didn’t want to be an opera major and writing was the only other thing I was good at. But hey, it worked out! Here I am, getting paid for a full-time job involving makeup, style, and cats. Lately, I’ve been craving an outlet to write something different than my usual posts on the interwebs. I’ve wanted to start doing poetry again, as that is the medium I have loved to channel creativity through the most.

After being invited by former Blisstree contributor and current must-read Luna Luna Magazine‘s Editor-In-Chief Lisa Marie Basile, I attended Poetry Brothel last year twice and fell in love. Essentially, the Poetry Brothel is a unique monthly event in Lower Manhattan wherein poets read–and actually get paid for–their personal poetry. There are also burlesque dancers, jazzy bands, fortune tellers, absinthe, and an endless supply of other entertainments. Each poet (or “poetry whore”) reads for the audience, but also can be “bought” for private poetry readings in a separate room. I am incredibly nervous, but totally excited.

While the poets themselves are not necessarily in burlesque-style clothing, there’s definitely a vintage vibe to everyone’s outfits that enhances the “fin-de-siecle bordello” feel. And that’s where you guys come in! You readers have been so amazing in helping us determine everything from whether transition lenses are awesome or awful to which bridesmaid dress Liz’s sister should choose to which dress worked for my five-year high school reunion. You even helped me figure out what to wear to my very first evening wedding, which wound up being the perfect pick. That’s why I know you all will be the perfect group to tell me what to wear to my first Poetry Brothel!

In addition to a dress I wore while at the Cannes Film Festival last year, I recently got some duds from ModCloth that I absolutely love, so I need your help deciding on which to wear. After all, what better store to get a vintage-inspired look that actually fits my body? (You’d be surprised how ugly most of the size 12 clothes I’ve found in actual vintage stores are. Or you wouldn’t, come to think of it.)

For context, I’ll likely do my hair like this:

fingerwaves samantha escobar theglossAnd may makeup something along these lines, but with normal lips rather than green ones and with a colorful luxe shadow shadow that matches whichever dress I wear. Oh, and massive fake eyelashes, possibly with feathers in them because why the eff not?

Samantha Escobar Make Up For Ever 30th Anniversary Palette green smokey eye Manic Panic lipstick greenSo, help! Which do I choose?

1. ‘Til Nest Time Romper ($19.99)

Samantha Escobar The Gloss ModCloth Til Nest Time Romper Samantha Escobar The Gloss ModCloth Til Nest Time Romper tattoo legI love–love–this romper! I’m a massive fan of one-pieces, but I especially love them for fun events like these. If I were to wear this on Sunday, I would put on patterned tights and wear tall black ankle boots. I like showing off my legs, but I think sans tights is a little too summery.

For the record, the reason why this photo is so good is because I did a small shoot with ModCloth. (More to come on that soon, though!) My iPhone 6’s camera is good, but not this good.

2. Aisle Be There Dress in Dragonfly, $164.99

Samantha Escobar The Gloss ModCloth Aisle Be There Dress in Dragonfly photo Samantha Escobar The Gloss tattoos ModCloth Aisle Be There Dress in Dragonfly photo 2This is one of those dresses I never thought I could like on myself, but would love to see on other people. Then I tried it on and voila! It’s clearly perfect for any body type and it has this elegant swish to it whenever I turn that feels magical. That said, I’ve been leaning towards a darker color palette and am unsure if this is a little too much like a Mad Men Season 1 daytime look.

3. Chiffon Sleeve Shift Dress ($150)

An Insider's Guide To The 2014 Cannes Film Festival: What I Did, What I Wore, & What I DrankAs shown above, I wore this look for Cannes as well as the evening wedding I mentioned earlier in this post. It’s a reliable dress and I absolutely love it, but it might be too safe for the evening.

4. Lady Love Song Dress in Emerald Velvet, $89.99

This reminds me of Miss Peacock in Clue, so naturally, I absolutely love it. The dress is spectacular and I’m fond of anything velvet, so this is certainly a formidable option. I do not have a photo of myself in it yet, but I will add one ASAP!

Now, vote vote vote!

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Oh, and if any of you New York readers wish to attend, click here to buy tickets! I always love when readers come say hi IRL, so feel free to be all, “O hai girl I know you from the Internet, your voice is a lot weirder than I imagined” because that has been said before.