pippa-middleton-butt-picturePippa Middleton’s butt may not be as famous as the renowned posteriors of Kim Kardashian or even Pippa’s sister, Kate Middletonwhose butt has earned a lot of bonus fame points lately for escaping from her flirty little dresses–but it’s still one of the most famous butts in the world. Definitely in the top five. So of course when Middleton announced that she was going to set off on a charity bike race across 12 U.S. states, the world was very concerned about the effect the journey might have on her ass.

Would there be chafing? What about blisters? These are questions of serious global importance, guys.


At least, the Daily Mail was very worried about that. But Pippa assuaged their fears that she might allow chafing or sores to damage her rear by saying she’d be applying a special “chamois cream” to the area.

Calling the chamois cream a “bottom beauty secret,” the Daily Mail explained that it’s a shea butter, aloe vera, or olive oil-based moisturizer “designed to prevent sweaty bottoms and inner thighs from being rubbed raw during hours in the saddle.” And it’s actually less of a “beauty secret” than it is a thing every serious bicyclist will be doing.

“I think every cyclicst including me will be layering it on,” Middleton explained.

Anti-chafing cream isn’t so much the secret to Pippa’s famous bum as it is what all cyclists wear to prevent injury from friction on long bike rides. Marathon runners use it too. And honestly, the secret to Middleton’s famous butt probably has more to do with her ability to bicycle across 12 states in eight days than anything involving creams or butt facials.

(Photos: Getty, WENN)