Fashion Week front row tickets on Craigslist

As somebody who has just experienced her first Fashion Week (in GIFs, no less), I am still more than a little unfamiliar with how NYFW works, overall. But I do know one thing: people will do anything to get into the shows (and get noticed), including paying exorbitant amounts of money to attend them.

Apparently, people are putting tickets to exclusive runway events on Craigslist in order to make money off those who hope to gain entrance into shows. From $500 tickets to attend Carolina Herrera to $1600 ones for Vera Wang yesterday from someone supposedly “in the industry.”

While fashion shows are generally free to attend when you have been invited, it is worth noting that American Express allows gold members to buy tickets for their “Sky Box” in Lincoln Center at prices ranging from $150 – 250. But at least that sounds significantly more legitimate than, say, snagging a pair of tickets for hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in order to maybe get the chance at attending an event. On the bright side, this proves once again that rich people will do anything to feel included.

Here’s the thing about “regular people” getting a chance to attend Fashion Week: ultimately, it is an industry event, meaning it is a chance for designers to show off styles to buyers, editors, media and, yes, even celebrities. Obviously, they also include tons of showmanship and are spectacles galore, but I still don’t think it’s going to be smiled upon to scalp your tickets for a show that typically requires invites. I could be wrong, though, so perhaps somebody more cultured on the exact ins and outs of Fashion Week can tell me if this makes more sense than I’m realizing.

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Photo: Getty Images.