As you may have noticed, I’m a little obsessed with home decorating. I love a good design website, and can wile away many an hour poring over decorating magazines and books.

But I can never bring myself to spend the money (nor, indeed, do I usually have the money) that’s often required to decorate in the style of what I read and see and covet. The staple items — like furniture, window treatments and art — tend to be big-ticket items, even if you’re buying them on a budget, but those are the things that I feel transform a piecemeal apartment into the beginnings of a home.

Well, I’d like to say that all that changed today, but really all I can say is that I bough the largest vase I have ever bought (pictured at left, three vases in from the right), for a specific place in my home that needed something big, and it made me feel like a fucking grown-up. Like I had finally thought out what I wanted to do with a room — you know, like an adult might — and with that vision in mind, made a sound purchase.

I honestly think that this decorating thing of mine has its roots in my childhood (and what doesn’t?), since the house I grew up in was in a perpetual state of being half-done — there was always a home improvement project going on, always some visible sheet rock, often accompanied by my mother nagging my father about when he was going to finish fill-in-the-blank project.

Anyway, perhaps today is the day I start dealing with my childhood demons, one vase at a time…