Cambodian Threads is a company that sells fair-trade raw silk scarves, crafted by artisan villagers in Prek Bongkong, Cambodia. A portion of the profits from the sale of the scarves goes back to Cambodian in the form of school supplies for young students.

The goal is to bring it full circle. This means helping school children in the select rural areas where the scarves are being crafted. We go directly to the artists who craft the scarves and offer a fair price for their work. Then after selling to foreign markets, we take a portion of the generated income to help the same rural area by donating essential learning materials such as notebooks and pencils to disadvantaged school children. Thus, we bring our efforts full circle by helping the same rural community which produced beautiful hand-crafted silk scarves.

Each of these scarves requires an excess of 5 days to complete. They silk is taken through a 2-day dying process, then the silk is spun which takes another day. An artist weaves the design on a loom and the finishing process is done completely by hand. All that for a scarf that costs $14.

 Even with the price that low, Cambodian Threads is able to purchase a lot of supplies for the kids, because the money goes a long way in Cambodia. For example, $50 is enough to purchase 200 notebooks, 400 pencils, 50 pencil sharpeners, and 100 stickers.

Five different scarf styles are available. I like the Shimmering Purple  shown  below. It’s made with a blend of burgundy, blue, and black threads to create an “effervescent” purple color.

Image credit: Cambodian