Cameron Diaz doesn’t understand the fashion calendar* and laughed to OK! magazine about fashion trends and how silly it all is. I like to imagine Diaz with her head tossed back and her expression so, so carefree. She said:

“I have never been into trends. I don’t understand trends!” Cameron said with a laugh to OK!. “I tried on a dress a few days ago that was like Spring 2012 and I was like, ‘Where are we? Why can’t I just buy a dress for Summer 2011?’ That’s all I need so you know, by the time we get to 2012, I am going to be wearing something for 2013 so it doesn’t really make any sense to me!”

Why on earth would an industry’s structure be determined by production and print media schedules?!  Next thing you’re gonna tell me is the fashion industry pre-dates the internet!

Presumably Google also confuses Cameron Diaz. But we’ll always have the laughter!

*Much like the headline of this very post!