My favorite feminist supermodel, Cameron Russell, has landed the cover of ELLE UK‘s February 2014 issue.

If you don’t know about Cameron, she gave a Ted Talk last year about the problems inherent with the media and the modeling world, from her perspective as a working model. That spurred an editorial, which then spurred a project called #MyMedia, which then spurred Cameron to found Interrupt Mag, a participatory media project/platform. Interrupt Mag is particularly awesome, as it’s community based: The mag’s audience helps to decide what issues will be about, the editor-in-chief changes each issue, and it’s always open to submissions. The latest issue is titled “LGBT*Love” and the next is going to be all about DIY life.

But enough about that mag, terrific as it is. Let’s talk a bit about the magazine where Cameron is actually going to appear on the cover! Shot in Palm Springs by Kai Z Feng, Cameron wears clothes by Dior and Chanel for ELLE UK. I love the cool blue tones of the cover; Cameron almost looks like a young Cindy Crawford, doesn’t she? Especially in that vaguely 90s outfit.

I don’t know what Cameron discusses inside the actual issue of ELLE (although the mag says she is “outspoken” in the piece by Emma Brockes) but if her past interviews are any indication, I expect her to discuss body image, beauty standards and the depiction of women in the media. I’m wondering particularly about why she’s chosen to continue modeling, when she seems so aware of how the industry hurts both women who are in it and women who consume it. Maybe she thinks she can affect change by infiltrating from the outside in? I don’t know, perhaps it’s something she addresses in the interview. I hope so!

The issue is available on newsstands in the UK this coming Thursday, so if you are a Brit, please buy it and give me all the juicy details.

Photo: ELLE UK