Natalie Portman was (unfortunately) one of the very few celebrities to outwardly criticize John Galliano for his infamous bigoted rant in a French cafe, which led to his disgraceful firing from Christian Dior. Back then, Portman had recently been signed as the face of Miss Dior Cherie but released a statement expressing her “shock and [disgust]” at the designer. She even went so far as to say she would “not be associated with Galliano in any way.”

Now that Galliano’s been dismissed, it appears Portman will continue fronting campaigns for the company. The above image is the latest, for Diorskin. It’s very possible this is a holdover from before the incident and Portman has severed ties with the label. It’s also possible she’s comfortable continuing a (presumably lucrative) relationship with them in the absence of Galliano. Sure looks lovely, though.

(Harper’s Bazaar)