You know, I HAVE to give props to whoever Rihanna’s new stylist is. I know she’s doing the whole “Good Girl Gone Bad” thing now, and sometimes her new “rocker chick” style goes a teeny bit overboard, but I gotta tell you, her stylist deserves a big raise. She looks great! Here she was yesterday having some ice cream with her friend/assistant(?) in L.A.

rihanna-crutches-02.jpg rihanna-crutches-07.jpg rihanna-crutches-11.jpg

rihanna-crutches-13.jpg rihanna-crutches-04.jpg

I’m not sure how/when she hurt her foot (maybe she tripped over an umbrella? Sorry, I had to… Oh and sidebar: did Rihanna HAVE to fall and hurt herself around the same time Beyonce did?! She just HAD to out-do Beyonce, didn’t she!? OK, OK! Just kidding, just kidding! Bad joke. Rihanna and Beyonce stans/stalkers/obsessives fall back!)

Anyway, I’m loving it! This week I’ve been in freakout mode about going back to work later in this Fall and as a result I’ve been looking at office-friendly fashion. I could totally see myself wearing something like this to work. Can we all say, Same Look for Less, please! But of course! You know I aim to please…

Spiegel Off-the-Shoulder Sweater $49.00 USD


Kate Pinstripe Slouch Trousers £25.00 GBP


MIA ‘Emily’ $63.95 USD



Macy*s 14K Gold 2 1/2″ Hoop Earrings Reg. $360.00- Sale!$152.15 (Special Offer with purchase: 14k White Gold Diamond Studs)


Fred Flare gold sparrow necklace $14.00 USD


Alloy bead set $19.50
alloy_beadmult_large.jpg Jewelry (both)- 18k Over Sterling Silver Shiny Concave Pipe Ring $19.99 USD & Modern Sterling Silver/Gold Overlay Ring $27.99 USD

ovrstock1.jpg ovrstk2.jpg

Macy*s Alfani “Crema” Patent Leather Hobo Bag Orig. $98.00 Now $48.99 USD


Hmm…pretty good, huh?

Celeb pics source: JustJared