dressedupWilliam Says:

I’m a fair-skinned redhead and I’ve always considered pink to be a no-no. I generally look good in fall colors. I see from your reply above that there might be a shade that would work. I think my girlfriend would love it! Maybe I’ll send you a picture and see what you can come up with.

So, first off, thanks to William for asking the question and allowing me to share it with others online. And it also looks like William has a great girlfriend, and great style to begin with. Not many guys would think to wear that shirt and tie, but it really looks fabulous.

So, on to the pink. I did reply that in general auburn or red hair does not go well with pink, but there are some exceptions, as shades of pink kindly tell. Most redheads are also fair-skinned, so we have that to play with as well.

What I thought to begin with was that a light pink would be best for William so that the contrast of pink to red would not be so harsh. Well, after doing some photoshop work, it seems that is the case.

So, my photoshop work is not great, but I think I can make some observations here. First I starteimagealoned with a close-up of just William. Then, I searched a whole bunch of pink shirts and styles. I didn’t like polos, or at least the ones I found. The fushia colours looked horrible. As I moved along the colours and styles I stumbled across two I think could work…

I came across a striped shirt from U.S. Expedition – a spread collar striped shirt for $14.99 on Amazon (click picture for link). Although I think the shirt might be a little dark in the pink, the close view of the shirt shows contrasting lines that look like they are in blue – and I think William would look amazing in blue, so that little touch adds a dimension to make the shirt work.

What I would recommend for William is to leave 2 buttons at the top undone and wear a white shirt under, so the area around his face is brightened by the colour.

newstripeU.S. Expedition Spread Collar Stripe Shirt-Pink

The second, and best, option I found was this really pale pink. It’s just a shade off white and really is quite subtle. It doesn’t scream pink, but is really soft. I have William dressed here in a U.S. Expedition Spread Collar Solid Oxford Shirt-Pale Pink, on sale for $19.99 at Amazon (click picture for link).

No need for a white shirt with this one, although I found a great combo of using a graphic grey t-shirt under the shirt at American Eagle (the AE Sierra Shirt for $36.50) – pictured as the third shirt in this combo.

I actually recommend to William to go to American Eagle and try it on – that way he can see for sure if it works, and report back what he thinks!

imagealonenewU.S. Expedition Spread Collar Solid Oxford Shirt-Pale Pink5152_8549_615

So, I think in William’s case, we can go for pink with a chance of success! Let us know how it goes William, and send in a picture if you’re successful!