Urban Outfitters has been coming under fire right and left lately. At first, it seemed like maybe it was a fluke – remember when they got sued by the parents of a teenage model featured on a shirt in a provocative post, but it turned out that said model had actually been involved in much more provocative photoshoots anyway?

Except that then there was the Navajo incident. And then the Irish incident. And now, as if to tie a nice bow on their entire package of frat-boy style bigotry, comes this transphobic greeting card:

It seems at this point like Urban Outfitters, despite portraying itself as a beacon of forward-thinking hipsterdom, is actually stuck about four decades ago, when it was considered widely acceptable to make fun of people for their ethnicity, their religion, their sexuality, and I’m sure plenty of other things that just haven’t come to light yet.

In short, Urban Outfitters is an asshole. Let’s stop shopping there, shall we?