So I’ve noticed a trend, here, for the past like five years or so. Everywhere you turn — well, in every hip little boutique, or online store, or whatever — there’s something with a robot on it. Specifically, this robot — the one pictured at left. The one that’s like the robot that your brother made out of a few blocks of wood for boy scouts in 1985, and that you then replicated for a science project in 1986.

I mean, I guess it’s cute and everything, but what, exactly, is the big deal? Why are robots everywhere now? Is this some sort of ironic take on where we thought we’d be by the time the 2000’s rolled around, or is it just like a secret badge to let everyone know that you know that robots are now cool?

Don’t get me wrong — it’s not that I have anything against robots. I like robots, I though, as much as the next guy…except when it seems like maybe the next guy likes them a little more. Really, it’s just one of those random images that pops up everywhere and makes me wonder: am I missing something? Did I not get the “robots are now cool because…” memo (which is totally possible)? Or is it just kind of a thing that coincidentally, every white American under the age of 35 in large urban settings began to like, at the same time?

You tell me. Do you like robots? Why, or why not?