Screenshot via Chanel dot Com Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne in Reincarnation

If you’re like me, you’ve been crushing on rapper-producer extraordinaire Pharrell Williams since the days of “Frontin'” and “Beautiful.” There’s just something about Pharrell’s falsetto and fashion sense that had me doodling “Mrs. Pharrell Williams” on my notebooks back in my grade school days.

So I kind of swooned when I saw Pharrell and Cara Delevingne looking like the cutest royal couple since William and Kate in a new ad for Chanel. It turns out that Pharrell and Cara are Karl Lagerfeld’s newest muses in a short film called Reincarnation. The film tells the story of that timeless fashion staple of women everywhere, the Chanel jacket. What, that isn’t your staple?

Cara Delevingne stars as Empress Elisabeth of Austria a.k.a “Sisi” and Pharrell plays her husband Emperor Franz Joseph I. Pharrell will also appear in the film as the Austrian elevator operator whose uniform is said to have been Coco Chanel’s inspiration for creating the jacket that has defined the designer’s brand. In addition to that, the pair will be the faces of Chanel’s Métiers d’Art 2014/15 campaign.


While acting is brand new territory for Pharrell, he’ll be doing something in the film we’re all pretty used to by now: singing. Pharrell contributed his award-winning musical aptitude to Reincarnation by writing and performing a song for it. The song is called “CC The World.” According to WWD, the song title is a nod to Empress Elisabeth who is affectionately known as Sisi in Austria.

“CC The World” will be a duet featuring Pharrell and Cara, proving that Cara’s career as a triple threat is kind of on a roll. In addition to being this short film, she’s also starring as the lead in a new John Green movie called Paper Towns.

Honestly, I’m really glad that Cara Delevingne is out here proving to the world that she can do much, much more than slay a runway. But I do have to wonder if she can actually sing. So far, all we actually hear of “CC The World” is Pharrell saying “the woooorld” and a woman’s high-pitched voice chiming in with “si-si.”

Maybe she’s a JLaw in the rough though? I guess we’ll all find out next week when the film is released via on December 1st.

Photo: YouTube