The Mulberry Cara Delevingne Collection Launches At London Fashion Week

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Cara Delevingne is everywhere. I, for one, am all for seeing her gorgeous mug and goofy facial expressions all over the place. For a posh socialite and a model, she seems like she doesn’t take herself seriously and brings a touch levity to usually stuffy situations.

Checking out a model’s social media presence is always fascinating because it gives them a chance to control and curate the way they’re perceived. When working, models are painted and dressed up to suit the aesthetic of a photo shoot or runway show and paparazzi photos are voyeuristic and say more about the watcher than the subject. But on social media platforms, models can be seen the way they want to be seen. Cara Delevingne’s Instagram in particular is full of her endearing personality. It’s just silly picture after silly picture of the internet’s favorite model pulling faces complete with crossed eyes, furrowed brows and, of course, a wagging tongue.

Here are  25 Instagrams of Cara Delevingne’s tongue that made us love her:

1) Here’s her tongue hanging out with Disney villains.

2) Cara Delevingne’s tongue in blue.

3) You can’t actually see it here, but it’s making that smoke ring.

4) Here it is with matching cat faces.

5) Receipt tongue.

6) Tasting bread the Cara Delevingne way.

7) Licking what I think is a silhouette of Karl Lagerfeld with a friend’s tongue.

8) Licking Cara Delevigne’s lips at the Giles Deacon show with coworkers.

9) Reserved tongue sticking out just a little bit.

10) Chelsea fan tongue.

11) Knicks fan tongue.

12) The tongue and a feathered friend.

13) Classic Delevingne tongue move.

14) Bacon loving tongue.

15) Tongue in the middle of saying something.

16) Devilish tongue.

17) Cara Delevingne’s tongue with Taylor Swift.

18) Victoria’s Secret Angel tongues.

19) Meal time tongue.

20) Tongue with Terry Richardson, renowned creep.

21) Crude gesture tongue.

22) Tongue with Rihanna.

23) Champagne drinking tongue.

24) Positive message tongue.

25) Gold lipstick tongue.

Photos: Instagram