Giles: Runway - London Fashion Week AW14

Fashion’s resident fun cool girl/your best friend/girl friend Cara Delevingne was spotted walking down a New York Fashion Week runway with a cell phone in hand, confusing fashion show attendees and the public at large. Well as it turns out, the whole thing was part of the show and Delevingne was filming videos of herself walking in the show, ostensibly at the behest of the designer.

Delevingne posted videos of herself on the catwalk for Giles, going back and forth between blue steel expressions and wacky, silly faces. I would assume that the designer instructed her to do this and she didn’t just grab her phone and decide to make a big fuss while doing her job. It seems like a smart way to capitalize on Delevingne’s whole hilarious down to earth persona and draw some attention to the show, since nobody can seem to get enough of her antics or her social media presence.

I have a very serious concern about all this: haven’t you all seen gif upon gif of runway model tripping over their shoes or falling through the runway?

In what universe is it a good idea to take your eyes off the catwalk in front you and look into a camera lens? It’s like texting while walking and stepping off a curb and into a pile of sewage. Except this is in front of photographers and you’re expected to look put together and walk in a straight line. As someone who is very concerned with safety, I am deeply unnerved by this. I keep expecting her to walk right off the runway, but most impressively, she managed to stay in line.

Photos: Instagram, Getty Images, Giphy [H/T Buzzfeed]