If you saw the glimpse of fashion tits Cara Delevingne flashed in Love Magazine’s “controversial” fashion film and thought you might like to see more of said fashion tits, you’re in luck. Interview Magazine has just published an editorial starring the young Ms. Delevingne that is the fashion tittiest thing I’ve seen since yesterday.

“What are fashion tits,” you ask? Generally speaking, fashion tits are small-ish, perky breasts which, when revealed in photos, read as artistic, rather than pornographic, due to their shape, size, and context, as well as the quality of photography. Obviously, these rules are silly and arbitrary, and easily broken by people like Terry Richardson, who’s never met a fashion tit he couldn’t porn-ify. But breast rules aside, this is also just a lovely set of photos. Cara Delevingne may be in danger of overexposure at this point, but it’s easy to see why: no matter how many questionable things she says or Shania Twain songs she lipsyncs to, she is beautiful in a way that a lot of people like, and pretty much photographs like the platonic essence of fashion model-ness.

Photos: Peter Lindbergh for Interview