It’s that time again: someone made a dress out of X (our all-time favorite is yak nipples!). Today, someone made a cardboard prom dress.

A Missouri teen named Maura Pozek constructed the unusual dress from “corrugated cardboard, hot glue, tacky glue, spray paint, brown shopping bags, and, of course, glitter,” her father told HuffPo.


Pretty impressive, actually!

Of course, Pozek has an aptitude for oddball prom dresses: her sophomore year look was made out of Doritos bags. For her junior year, she collected 4000 soda can tabs (pop tabs if you’re from the Midwest) and subsequently spent 100 hours weaving them together.

As for the actual construction of the cardboard dress in question, it sounds like a complete pain in the ass:

“Last year, people were like, what are you going to do next?  Well, cardboard; that seems like a good enough idea.  Then, I remembered cardboard doesn’t like to move,” Maura says.

But Maura was just as unyielding as the cardboard.  “I ended up soaking the corrugated cardboard and making it into three separate parts,” says Maura.

Though she started the cardboard creation more than four months ago, the dress was almost a bust.
“I had glued the top to the skirt and everything was supposed to be fine, and then the zipper didn’t work.  The skirt completely just died.  It wouldn’t work at all,” Maura says.

On Thursday night before prom, she was pressed for time and a new design.  “I just went to the garage with the 30 paper bags, and just stared at the dress form waiting for something to happen, and at like 4AM, I finished a new skirt,” says Maura.

Add some spray paint and glitter, and Maura was prom bound.  “The only casualty was one of my shoulders came up, and I ended up ripping it off, but other than that, it was completely fine,” says Maura.

So, unlike most Look At This Prom Dress Made of X items, this one has a takeaway: if you’re going to construct your prom dress out of something ridiculous, give yourself a few months lead time.

(KY3 via HuffPo)