Carey Mulligan Leaving Chateau Marmount

Carey Mulligan is that quirky cool girl that you wish you could be like but you can never figure out how. She had short hair waaaaay before there was ever a hashtag #shorthairdontcare and she isn’t afraid to borrow clothes from her brother (#7) or grandmother (#8 and #9). If you tried to wear that stuffy blazer and hippie skirt, people would politely say your outfit is ‘different’ (but really mean ugly). When Carey wears the same thing, it still looks a bit off ,but there’s something about it that just works. I don’t know how she pulls it off, but she does. It’s one of those unsolved fashion enigmas like why celebrities quit acting for red carpets or what really happened to Kate Upton‘s armpit.

Here are ten quirky looks that only Carey Mulligan could pull off:

1. Arriving At The MOMA

Carey Mulligan MOMA Arrivals At first glance, you think this is just a black top and pants. Then you think it’s a jacket and trousers. Or what about that extra collar? Maybe it’s a shirt, jacket and pants. But if it’s a jacket, why is it tucked in? I don’t know what it is–and judging by Carey’s expression, she’s still debating about what it is–but whatever garment it may be, she is working the hell out of it.

2. Schiaparelli And Prada ‘Impossible Conversations’ Met Gala 2012

Carey Mulligan Prada Met Gala 2012 We’ve seen enough crazy looks at the Met Gala to make Lady Gaga jealous. Regardless of how well they fit the theme, most end up looking like Halloween costumes–though ones that cost thousands of dollars. If anyone else wore this Prada dress, I would have said they looked like the love child of an astronaut and peacock. Carey manages to pull it off with major eyeliner and a teased updo without looking like a crazy a person. Eat your heart out Anna Dello Russo.

3. At The Today Show Taping

Carey Mulligan Today Show Inside Lleywen Davis Don’t let the curly brown hair fool you, that is our girl Carey. She also probably thought she could trick us into thinking her blanket is really a coat just because it has leather trim. I’m not angry about it though. Her blanket paired with those perforated heels makes this the best I’ve ever seen someone wearing a comforter look. Sorry Mary-Kate and Ashley, better luck next time.

4. The Great Gatsby Australian Premiere

Carey Mulligan Australian Premiere Great GatsbyWhen quirky girls try a sexy look, it usually doesn’t work out because it just feels wrong. It’s like the Kardashians having their wedding dinner at Versailles, the two should not go together. Ever. Somehow Carey has managed to find a corset that doesn’t scream sexy female pirate. The massive sweetheart neckline reminds me a bit of Mickey Mouse ears but I don’t mind, because I love the sheer top over the bandeau. The high-waisted pants and T-strap shoes are more her style, so the outfit doesn’t feel like she decided to dress up ‘sexy’ today.

5. Leaving Her Hotel to Tape Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Carey Mulligan Leaves Hotel for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Taping Trans-seasonal dressing is tricky to pull off. (How can I figure out what to wear if it’s 30 degrees in the morning and 70 when I go out at lunch?) Carey seems to be dressing for at least two different seasons; the long wool cape makes her look like she’s preparing for winter snow, while the peep toe shoes, sunglasses and above-the-knee dress seem to indiciate it’s spring or summer. Based on her outfit, I don’t have any clue what time of the year it is but I don’t care, she looks chic. Eighteen-million-dollar-penthouse-chic.

6. On The Suffragette Set

Carey Mulligan Suffragettes Set Okay, so Carey really is in costume for her new film, but I can totally see her wearing this home at the end of the day. It has that pilgrim-meets-boarding-school look that she does so well. You know if she wore this on the streets, all the hipsters would be wearing it within two weeks.

7. On The Inside Llewyn Davis Set

Carey Mulligan Inside Llewyn Davis On SetOn anyone else this would look like you stole your 12-year-old brother’s clothes. It’s a crazy mash up of different bits. The hat and glasses are one part Snoop Dogg, the oversized sweater and rumpled shirt look like her grandpa’s and the bottom half is Kanye West. Who would ever think to put it together? (I so want to know where she gets her inspiration from, Pinterest?) It shouldn’t work, but it does on Carey. Her toothy grin and the way she’s playing with the sleeves made her look even more adorable. Like an adorable eight-year-old, but still adorable.

8. Lunch With Dianna Agron

Carey Mulligan Lunch Dianna Agron Hollywood Look at< strong>Dianna Agron, now look at Carey. It’s probably 75 degrees in LA, and it’s sunny, yet Carey has decided to wear a jacket and the notoriously difficult calf-length dress. She’s opted to pair it with a dusty pink bag (which is the only shade your grandma decorates her house in), a pair of printed flats and awesome sunglasses. I look at her and then I look at Dianna’s normal jean jacket and dress combo, and all I can think of is how I want Carey’s squared-off cat eye glasses. She can even make passing out from heatstroke acceptable.

9. Leaving An Off-Broadway Play

Carey Mulligan Leaving Off Broadway Play This reminds of me of what people who are forced to wear suits to work every day wear when they have casual Fridays. They don’t really know what’s in between weekend sweatpants and a full suit, so they throw on what looks like three different outfits. Judging by Carey’s blazer she could be going to work, but the skirts makes it look like she’s going to go sell homemade candles. The two-tone brogues make me think she could be going to a pop-up Indian-Scottish basement restaurant and therefore I get it. She almost had us fooled with the suit jacket, but the shoes gave her away.

10. The Great Gatsby Premiere Cannes Premiere

Carey Mulligan Leo Dicaprio Great Gatsby Cannes A jumpsuit is a difficult piece to pull-off on its own, add in a neckline that looks like something they could wear in Star Trek and you’re getting close to Comic-Con costume territory. The fact that it’s black and not C-3PO gold (yes I know that’s a< em>Star Wars, not a Star Trek reference) makes it a cool futuristic piece. Maybe we will all be wearing them in 2034? I doubt it, but Carey still makes it work in the present.

Photos: Wenn, Pacific Coast News