As I work from home, I enjoy the luxury of being daytime casual pretty much all the time — it rocks, and I’ve realized it’s oddly productivity-enhancing.

Seriously, ladies: How many of you go to work in heels and constrictive dresses and feel inspired to dig into your chair and work for the next 10 hours?

Now try it in comfy pants and slippers. Suddenly, the world is your oyster.

I’ve been giving this a lot of consideration as I transition my wardrobe into the new year. Believe it or not, even us work-at-home types do that! We may be comfortable – but we’re not sloppy. (Especially if we have hot delivery guys coming at odd hours of the day.) And that makes me all about staying true to classics.

And one new addition that feels like it’s belonged with me forever is the Newport News New Femme Cargo. Pair it with their sweater collection and you are warm and cozy – and comfortable – at a shockingly affordable sticker price!

I’m so so happy. And not just because I can have an extra scone and still fit in these – AND look cute in them! They are $39 a pair. Seriously, I just paid more than that for a bra last week…and there’s not even anyone SEEING that.