Carine Roitfeld is out and about, newly unencumbered by her position as the EIC of a major publication. So she’s saying all kinds of interesting things (and in the interview in question, things about Anna! and drugs! and leaving Vogue Paris!) but since we’ve tried dutifully to catalogue every fashion industry luminary’s insight into Galliano’s meltdown, here goes:

“I had no idea how unhappy John Galliano must have been. You have to be very unhappy and lonely to praise Hitler in public while completely drunk. The House of Dior has always addressed a range of topics, for example, by having haute couture shows on homelessness where all the models look like people living on the street. But drunkenly shouting ‘I love Hitler’ and calling people in a bar a ‘dirty Jew-face’ is unacceptable. I don’t think he really believes what he said; they were simply the actions of a drunk.”

(via Spiegel)