Carmen Kass - Harper's Bazaar Espana January 2013

You know, as much as I do not want to wind up naked on the Internet, I have to admit that I am partial to walking around the house with as little clothes as possible. I have been staying as a houseguest the past few days and, fortunately for me, Miss Chatel does not mind my walking around in my underwear constantly. But I have lived with people who are uncomfortable with their bodies sans clothes, and thereby uncomfortable with other people’s bodies sans clothes, so I haven’t always had a chance to do this. Harper’s Bazaar España, the magazine’s European edition, has a cover coming out next month that pretty accurately describes my feelings on the topic.

This January, the magazine is starting off 2013 with a bang — a very attractive and talented bang named Carmen Kass. You might remember her as that totally awesome model who’s posed for incredible (and incredibly sexy) fashion campaigns, including that infamous (NSFW) Gucci ad in which her pubic hair was waxed into a ‘G’.

Here, she is engulfed in an enormous Viktor & Rolf coat, posing in an extremely strategic (and kind of uncomfortable-looking) position to ensure the covering of anything too risque for the stands. The phrase “¿Por qué no?” or “Why not?” weaves around her legs. And you know what? Why not, indeed: everybody should be stoked to be running around naked once in a while, god dammit. Even if they’re referring to something completely different, I will still choose to interpret it as such.

Fortunately, it seems they skipped out on the “weird creepily Photoshopped January covers” thing that their edition down under seems to have opted for. Good job, España edition, at ringing in our new year with a good ol’ dose of fashionably nude.

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar España