scott disick kendall kylie jenner

In a move that surprised no one, Scott Disick behaved terribly at the Day By Day Fashion Show at LA Live on Tuesday that he attended with Kendall and Kylie Jenner. How? Well, he decided to thank those who put on the event for putting him in the front row, as well those models who participated in the show itself, by being a drunken rude douchebag. Why? Because he is a douchebag.

As you can see in this video on the Daily Mail, Disick attempted to pull designer Cedric off the runway. Now, I have admittedly not been to a whole lot of fashion shows, but I doubt this is something that happens often, if ever, especially by a front row guest. Possibly as a result, model Caroline D’Amore — whom the Daily Mail claims is is a buddy of Kim Kardashian — flipped her middle finger toward Disick and the Jenners.

“Scott was being drunk and rude the whole night!” said one witness, who apparently mixes up the words “night” and “life.” Disick also reportedly refused to take a photo with Bonnie McKee, which total sense because she is more intelligent, talented and qualified at being famous than himself.

To be fair, at least Disick didn’t run around the runway screaming with body paint all over his naked self. Then again, that would have been significantly more entertaining than anything else he’s done on television.

Photo: Kylie Jenner’s Tumblr