cartier cuntier

When it comes to copyright infringement, it’s best not to trifle with the fashion industry. Considering how easy it is for designers to take “inspiration” from others and use, companies need to stay vigilant and firm regarding their brands. In this instance, a small graphic designer from Parsons has been ordered to stop production of a Cartier knock off line using the word “Cuntier” as its logo.

The pseudo-brand, perhaps inspired by the worst of LiveJournal responses, is called KTHANKSBYE and was originally just a joke by a master’s candidate at Parsons simply known as Fahad. Apparently, it began as a play on words after one of his friends experienced some rudeness at Cartier while getting her watch fixed. She called them “cunts” and voila, Cuntier was born.

People seemed to be super down with Fahad’s vulgar play on words, and he was able to sell hats and beanies with the fake logo for $45 – 50, even attracting celebrities like Cara Delevigne. Alas, Cartier got wind and he was sent a cease and desist letter. Considering the multimillion dollar company is probably not one a small designer can take on too easily, Fahad opted to step away from the situation.

One of the shops selling Fahad’s Cuntier designs, Soho boutique American Two Shot, confirmed that he had to pull the items. Now, Fahad says he’s starting another brand.

While I’m not one to be sassy towards companies for protecting their name, I only wish it were this easy to get big designers to cease and desist copying smaller ones (yes, I’m looking at you, Jeremy Scott + Urban Outfitters).

Photo: Pete Deevakul via TheDailyBeast.