victorias secret

We can safely add trying out for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show to the list of thing I will never, ever want to do, along with tattoo Miley Cyrus’ face over my own face or get run over by a tractor driving by Rand Paul. It turns out that walking around in your underpants and super high heels in front of a panel of people quite literally judging you is pretty damn terror-inducing, and Victoria’s Secret has released a video of the blessed event.

Apparently models fly from all over the world in order to have their bodies, movements, and personality scrutinized by a panel which includes “executive producers Ed Razek and Monica Mitro, casting director John Pfeiffer and collection creative director Sophia Neophitou,” in hopes that they can one day do the same thing on national television while wearing harps for wings. In addition to auditioning by strutting around in underpants, the girls face a battery of questions to see if their personalities hold up, as well. It looks completely terrifying.

At one point, the models list off all the exercise routines they’ve undergone to get themselves in fighting form specifically for the event, and it looks like spinning is the real winner. It genuinely seems like these women all worked exceptionally hard in order to try and get into the VS show, and stupid as I may find it, I just want them all to get what they want.

Check out the video for yourself (at one point, a model does The Robot and it’s amazing) and then walk around your house in underpants and uncomfortable shoes. For added entertainment, go ahead and play a recording of someone saying “You’re getting more nervous as you walk.” Remain sexy.

[youtube_iframe id=”KAJrkaafHgU”]