If you looked at my fake Ok Cupid character yesterday and remembered how very much you, yourself, love cats, perhaps you will consider incorporating this into your wardrobe. Via some of my felinely inclined Facebook friends comes an item of cat apparel for the ages, one that says, “just because I am wearing a dress and not a hair-covered sweatshirt doesn’t mean I can’t express my crazy cat lady-ness to the world.”

As you can see, this soft, jersey “skater dress” (do people really skate in skater dresses?) comes with a cute cat face plastered across the torso, with big, blue eyes right about where your boobs are. “Stop staring at my cat’s eyes!” you will squeal, and people will not know what you are talking about.

Personally, I like this dress a lot, and think it would look good with a big, oversized sweater and some black boots. But if you find the cat’s stare a little too intense, here is another, even cuter cat dress:



The cat is wearing a little bow tie, which just happens to be where your waist is! Holy Jesus! If you don’t look at the model’s head, it sort of looks like a flirty ghost cat doing a dance for you. Dance, ghost cat, dance.

In conclusion: my boyfriend just said he doesn’t mind if I get a cat and/or kittens when we move in together, and I am very excited about this, as the only thing weirder than a crazy cat lady is a crazy cat lady with no cats.

($56, $76)