Cate Blanchett

As far as we are concerned, Cate Blanchett has basically never done anything wrong. Well, she might have done something wrong. If she has, we don’t know about it. But we’re pretty sure she has never worn anything wrong.

At last night’s Golden Globe Awards, Cate Blanchett was one of our best-dressed stars of the evening in a stunningly complicated black lace Armani Privé.

cate blanchett front

The demure neckline and complicated construction compliment the implied nudity of the black lace over a dress that looks practically custom-dyed to match Blanchett’s impossibly perfect skin. But this elegant dress is hiding a secret. That secret is Cate Blanchett’s butt:

cate blanchett butt

Whoa. At first we thought that hand on her ass was part of the dress, but it just belongs to a helpful lady with a Chanel handbag. But we are still stunned by the unexpected nudity on the flip side of this dress.

Now we’re conflicted. Is this too low? It’s really low, like Jessica Rabbit low, but is it “too low” or is it just low? It seems unfair because if this dress were on a curvier woman, she would probably get slammed for dressing too sexily. But because she’s Cate Blanchett, the dress does not cross the line. This might well be as sexy as a dress can possibly get without being too sexy, but it’s still gorgeous.

And it really highlights her skin. What is her secret? We know she is the face of the SK-II skincare line, but could she possibly be rubbing the $200 stuff into her back as well? It must be nice to be a movie star.

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