cate-blanchett-michael-korsIt’s no secret that Cate Blanchett is one of our favorite red carpet dressers. With an Oscar nod for Blue Jasmine all but certain, she’s been appearing on every red carpet in the world to remind us all that she exists and can wear clothes like nobody else.

Friday, she wore clothes like those worn by a lot of other people, because sheer dresses have been everywhere on red carpets since Jaimie Alexander decided to wear one to the Thor 2 premiere and instantly made sure we all know her name. (I can no longer confuse her for Jason Alexander.) But Cate Blanchett took the sheer dress trend and made it her own.

This navy Michael Kors dress she wore to the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts awards Friday is bewildering in its extreme modesty and sexiness. On the one hand, it’s so modest that Kate Middleton could wear it to get scolded by the Queen. But on the other hand, it’s sheer and tight and makes her figure look more voluptuous and sexily curvy than we thought was possible.

The gold-embellished Roger Vivier shoes are perfect. A plain shoe would have thrown this look over the modest line into frumpy, while a wild, sculptural, avant-garde piece of shoe art would have just been weird and inappropriate with the subdued dress. The embellished, luxurious, gold-flecked pump has just enough going on to remind us that Blanchett is cool without having to shout. Cate Blanchett never has to shout, that’s why she’s the queen.