Bold Italic Cat Matching OutfitsWhen you have a cat in a photo, the internet will go crazy. The theory has been proven time and time again, since the creation of computers. It doesn’t matter if it is a real cat, kitty cat nail art, or an animated cat (Hello Kitty!), you add a cat into the mix, and people will love it. Your name doesn’t have to be Taylor Swift to love everything cat-related. That is why The Bold Italic‘s portraits of cats and their owners dressed in matching outfits will have everyone squealing.

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The Bold Italic‘s Chin Lu and photographer Kristin Cofer came up with the genius idea. They photographed ten San Francisco-based cat owners posing with their cats in matching outfits. According to Refinery 29, the owners selected outfits from their closet and stylist Danielle Garrabrant, dressed the cats, often making their own custom kitty couture to match their owners. There is a cat twining its owner in shaggy faux fur, and another one looking less-than-pleased in a coordinating blue scarf. There is even a cat on a leash posing along side its owner in matching red looks.

If you think cats dressed in costumes is squee-inducing, this is ten times better. It beats any matchy-matchy couples outfits and it definitely tops Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s his-and-hers cleavage. This may not became a fashion trends for the masses, but it created an adorable photo series. Just try looking at the photos without loudly cooing.

Check out The Bold Italic to see all of the adorable photos from the series.

(Photo: Chin Lu, Kristin Cofer/The Bold Italic via Instagram/DYINSF)