santa cat

Cats do not like wearing sweaters. This is something most people know about the world. Does that stop us from cracking up like maniacal children when we see a grouchy kitten wearing a pullover? Not at all. Not even a little bit.

The holidays are a special time when you’re supposed to try a little bit harder to spread cheer, and for every one cat who’s miserable in a hoodie, there are countless humans getting to feel the real spirit of Christmas. For your viewing pleasure, here are 14 photos of cats who really, really, really don’t want to be wearing holiday sweaters.

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1. This cat hates its layered t-shirts.

layered tshirt cat

One character in this photo looks really proud of herself and amused. The other looks like they have no idea how they landed in this situation or how much longer they have to tolerate it.

2. This cat hates its argyle.

argyle cat

This is not the facial expression of a happy camper. This is the way I look at my friends when they keep handing me shots when I’m ready to go home.

3. This cat hates its plaid.

plaid cat

Either this cat is putting together a sultry modeling portfolio and trying to get a job with Burberry, or they’re really sick of wearing a plaid sweater. One of the two.

4. This cat hates its reindeer sweater.

reindeer sweater catr

My favorite disgruntled cats are the ones that seems to be saying I love you, so I’m going to wait this out and let it slide. Don’t think I’m happy about it, though.

5. This cat hates its hood.

cat in a hood

Nothing says “have yourself a merry little Christmas” quite like a cat in a hoodie who’s desperately searching for an escape route.

6. These cats hate their matching outfits.

cats in sweaters

The one in the back has accepted their fate. The one in the front is like, If my eyes aren’t doing a good enough job conveying how I feel about this situation, look at my tail.

7. This cat hates its ascot.

cat in an ascot

I’m sorry, buddy. I want to feel bad for you, but you look amazing. You look like a Christmas card. You look like a model. You look like an Ivy League graduate.

8. This cat hates its turtleneck.


That face! I feel like I make that same face at least once a day. I know exactly how this cat feels. It doesn’t feel like wearing a cableknit turtleneck, for starters.

9. This cat hates its Santa hat.

cat in a santa hat


10. This cat hates its vest.

cat in a vest

I can’t tell if this kitty is sleeping or just accepting defeat, but either way, I get the sense that its internal monologue is along the lines of What I wouldn’t give to be NOT wearing a vest right now.

11. This cat hates its stripes.

striped cat

This cat is either a brooding artist who’s lost in thought about the human condition… or totally done with its striped sweater.

12. This cat hates its scoop neck.

scoop neck cat

I wish I could explain to you, little buddy, why you have to be wearing a scoop neck sweater right now. I can’t do that, but I CAN sit and stare at your expression and laugh my ass off. I’m sorry.

13. This cat hates its crop top.

cat in a crop top

I know. I KNOW. Crop tops don’t work on my body shape either. We’re just going to have to wait this trend out together.

14. This cat hates being Santa.

santa cat

Is this the face of someone who wants to deliver candy and presents to all the little children of the world, or does this look like the face of someone who wants to hide in a box for the rest of his days? I’m just asking.