Though they may not always be the first famous people you think of in North America, British royalty continues to retain their celebrity status on the other side of the pond. The annual Royal Ascot is one of the world’s most famous horse races; the royal family is always in attendance and is heavily publicized for what they’re wearing and who they are with.

An iconic piece of the standard attire for attending the Royal Ascot is the hat. Not just any hat, but an elaborate, one of a kind super special (and occasionally super quizzical!) chapeau.

My favorite this year? Princess Anne’s fashionable lace hat for day three of the races. And here’s why.


  1. It actually looks comfortable, not like it’s weighing down her head or hurting her neck.
  2. The lace and feather embellishments are classic and prominent…
  3. …and the delicate shades of beige go perfectly with the rest of her ensemble.
  4. Placed high enough not to cover her brow, it doesn’t appear this hat would get in the way of watching the races.
  5. She looks completely at ease, which is so necessary to pull off such a bold fashion statement.

Image: Bauer Griffin