Beyoncé has been one busy lady. In addition to her music, acting and her new role as a mother, she has also taken the time to design clothing and accessories for President Obama‘s re-election campaign. Most notably this T-shirt that you can buy for $45.

The “Runway to Win” project was started by Vogue‘s Anna Wintour who called on a bunch of celebrity friends and fashion world bigwigs to participate in the designing of such products as shirts, bracelets, tote bags, among other items for Obama’s attempt at hanging on to his top position.

Beyoncé is just one of several others, including Russell Simmons, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs and Diddy, who agreed to lend their creative hand to the effort. All proceeds will be going to the Obama Victory Fund.

This particular shirt that Beyoncé’s mum Tina Knowles also had a hand in, is now available for pre-orders because you definitely need a $45 t-shirt. Not only do you need it, but you obviously need it now. All other Obama Victory Fund items go on sale on February 7, 2011 for those of you who are dying to scoop up the collection.

Of course Beyoncé isn’t the first to design something for the sake of a cause or charity. Here are a few other celebrities who have also tried their hand at fashion design. Some are better than others, but either way, the good intention is there.